venice 70 – fastgoose reviews the 2013 festival movies – part 2



Hello, this is the second part with some more movie reviews from the venice film festival. You can find the first part here.



A french movie with french people wearing black turtlenecks and smoking cigarettes while looking angry and having love affairs. uh la la we are so french. The grainy black and white cinematography looked great. That’s about it.


I am sincerely fascinated by Terry Gilliam because he is a total imbecile. Gilliam keeps making one shitty film after the other, every time surprised by how audiences don’t understand his “visionary” “artistic” “genius”. What he actually makes this time is another sci-fi movie that would have been outdated 30 years ago and is complete crap despite the great actors. Gilliam wake up ffs, it’s not the 1980s anymore, you cannot make a movie like this in 2013 with a man oppressed by gibberish computers and the system etc. The only person who doesn’t understand what’s going is you. But what is fascinating me is that he won’t stop making awful movies. He will try again and again and keep failing while thinking he is making some sort of visionary art. Gilliam is the true Quixote and somehow his failures are kinda beautiful.


The entire movie is one continuous shot of a journalist interviewing old people about some Israeli stories nobody could care about. Not the worse movie but the only movie I walked out of. It’s just useless and the main actress (always in the scene) was even pretty bad, I hope at least gitai had sex with her. A movie made to say: “Hey I made a movie in a single shot, like Hitchcock.” Yeah, right.


As usual, the movies who at a movie festival dare to abandon the trite bourgeois blockbuster road get buried in laughter and boos. It’s a good sign. I wouldn’t want to make movies for these frightened festival-attending sheep anyways and neither does Glazer. As I wrote in a twit: “Under the skin is a compelling piece of intriguing, unsettling, visually stunning video-art with a sublime Scarlet.”

Not a traditional movie but more of a contemporary video experience that will suck you in its eerie, silky dark fluids. Sure it’s not flawless but give me this over that philomena crap any day. Oh, and Scarlet hasn’t been so magnetically beautiful and great since lost in translation. Silver goose.


This is a movie starring Nic Cage aka THE ONE TRUE GOD NICOLAS CAGE. I rate it 5 goose feet by default. ALL PRAISE THE NIC CAGE. He is the best actor in the universe and here he proves it by having a beard and making the cool face. FUCK YEAH NICOLAS CAGE. Cage aside this movie is crap, wannabe rough american violence but seriously, pretty lame. I mean, an alcoholic hobo with his hair always clean? come on guys..


This is the best movie I’ve seen in the competition and probably in the whole year. If I was the master jury guy this would be THE GOLDEN GOOSE WINNER (fuck lions. geese shit on lions, well, on everything really). A photogenic German family in a small town living the apparent perfect life but alternating intimate moments to a spiral of domestic abuse and submission. All narrated through a series of unrelated chapters of various lengths (they can be even a few seconds) and calling for the viewer to connect the dots. Unlike the cold and fake exploitation Greek film, Groning paints with his chapters a vivid image that hits really close to what happens in the real world in a real abusive love relationship. Consider that Groning makes you follow attentively 3 hours of unrelated, unclear, chapters and is able to beautifully film this devastating tale, able to set a mood with just a few second shot of a forest or a fox wandering in a street at night. A fantastic movie that you must see.


A totally useless movie trying to beat some more the dead JFK horse. The only potential to be interesting given by focus on the video recording is also wasted, with every character already knowing the importance of the tape all along and not even slightly surprised when it gets viral. Terrible script made of people telling each other how shocked they are. Generic useless characters I already forgot. Awful acting to top it off. The film can be well described by the scene where guy with the glasses is looking at his tape and thinking “I wish i never took that footage”. We all hope the director feels the same way.


It is not fair for a movie released over 2 months before to be in the competition. It’s a marketing stunt in hope of some posthumous prize that is not needed and therefore i would have never considered it for the golden goose prize. Ok, this said, the movie is huge.
Away for once from fantastic worlds and younger targets (but not from the sky) Myiazaki narrates a romantic tale of love, passion and hard work.
The proud and relentless pursuit of perfection is something that is in the Japanese culture, if you want another example you can watch the documentary “Jiro dreams of sushi” about the 85 year old sushi master who still spends each day in a kitchen perfecting his visions of sushi.
The Jiro of the wind rises instead, dedicates his life to aircraft engineering. A life spent not in the sky but studying countless hours at the drawing board, Jiro could see his planes fly only in dreams. His planes would be used for war (he designed the revolutionary model zero in 1940, later the plane used in kamikaze operations) but far from glorifying a weapon producer, the movie shows us his enthusiastic passion and human story.
The wind rises is also an autobiographical statement from Hayao Miyazaki, another man obsessed by planes, another man who spent his life in a studio drawing his dreams (if you have the chance to visit the delightful Giburi museum in Mitaka you would see how much study there is behind every ghibli frame – in case you didn’t notice yet) and who truly loves his work: this is his last work.
Add to all of this the lusciously detailed drawings of the Giburi studio, the masterful animation (just think of that earthquake scene), another score by the genius Joe Hisaishi, a heart-breaking melodramatic love story and you’ll get this great movie.
Despite being set in historical events and not in a fantastic world, Miyazaki once again makes us dream. Much like Jiro, he is so enthusiastic about planes that not only he represents his passion in a movie but he is the kind of person that is able to magically make you share it and understand it for a couple of hours. Who cares about planes normally right? Just get me some leg room and none of those fucking babies sitting next to me. No. when you are watching his movies it’s different, planes are not just objects. You get it somehow. The poetry of flight, the love, all of it. And it’s beautiful and moving and makes you want to be a pilot too and fly above everything in the rising wind.
Too bad some guy started chopping onions inside the cinema. Me? no.. I wasn’t crying lol.. Oh that? it has been raining on my face.. for a few hours after the movie.. yep, that was totally it…
The farewell masterpiece of the one of the greatest artists alive.


A documentary-interview with Donald Rumsfield that probably had the starting intent of pinning against a wall this politician confronting him with facts and quotes from his memos to show his role in the recent USA invasions and conflicts and how bad he was. Well, the result is rather different: Rumsfield shows us what it means to be a great politician. Aside from moral judgments that are apparently irrelevant in politics. Faced with facts he uses carefully chosen words as weapons coming out smiling more than before. Similarly to politics, there are no truths in this movie, just words, a smile and a face to go with it. And observing this master at work is fascinating, so much that it makes a 100 minute interview and a few pictures become an entertaining and interesting movie. And despite the fact that nothing is discovered against him.

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